Who we are?

This is a web-shop providing its customers with hand-made capoeira music instruments of the highest quality, with the best sound.

Our main craftsman & an artist is Spidy (Guy - on the right side of the picture). He creates capoeira music instruments and doing all the building, painting, testing and so on.
He started doing this just for his own fun. After thinking how can he do better sounding instruments for the capoeira academy where he is training. For the beginning, he was just interested in learning and practicing how to create this instruments everybody is playing in the academy while using local materials.
With time all his friend and masters were thrilled with the quality of the products he crafted. They started asking him to create instruments for their academies too.
This is when his friend Igor (in the left side of the picture), who is a graphic designer with huge experience in marketing and a capoeirista himself, came to him and offered to keep doing what he is doing but to share his creations with the world and sell them online. So they opened a business together, and this is how this web-shop was established.
While always trying to innovate and to invent new instruments, Spidy never forgets the tradition and the basics of creating musical instruments. The love to the capoeira and the music that is a crucial part of what is driving him to better himself every day.
In addition to all that we are offering new and exclusive instruments you can buy only in our web-shop. This includes an Amplified berimbau (cabaça), Berimbau for kids (small yet with very good sound), Reco-Reco de cabaça, Amplified Reco-Reco de cabaça, Chocalho de cabaça and more.
Spidy is constantly developing and inventing new instruments to create a new music experience for both professionals and capoeira lovers around the world.

We welcome you to our web-shop. Have a great visit!