The Reco-Reco is a scraper of African origin used as a percussion instrument in Brazilian music. It produces a unique scraping sound that adds another dimension to the already unique sound of a roda.

Traditionally, the reco-reco was made from a sawtooth notched cylindrical body made of bamboo or wood and played with a wooden stick. The instrument is used in many styles of Brazilian music, such as capoeira music, samba and related genres.

Our artist-craftsman “Spidy” creating the Reco-Reco by hand from bamboo wood. Later covered with lacquer (for extra protection) with a varnished finish. But if you would like to get a wooden instrument with no coating on it, because you want to custom-paint it yourself or you just love the natural wood look. We can make it happen for you also. Just remember to mention it when you place your order.

Each piece is unique and hand-made. This means the sound of each piece has slight differences from one instrument to another. But nevertheless, all of them looks and sounds beautiful!