The capoeira music instruments are strongly connected to the tradition. But in recent years, with the expansion of the capoeira in the world, it had evolved in many ways. Some people are for this evolution and some are against, but no one can look past it. There are many exclusive and new items that came into the capoeira traditional bateria and added some new and fresh sounds to it. Spidy as an artist and as an Israeli has the innovation gene deep inside him. He always wants to see if there is anything he can do to improve the traditional instruments. Or at least find local materials that can be at least the same quality if not better then the original materials. So he found himself practically invent new instruments or take traditional instruments, and make a different version of them from different materials. After all who said that the best material is located only in Brasil? The inventors of the instruments had only the material that was close to them at their disposal.

Our Exclusive Instruments

Because of Spidy's passion and creativity this webshop has developed a portfolio of exclusive items. We have a series of amplified cabaças (berimbaus), we have an amplified reco-reco de cabaça, we have a regular reco-reco de cabaça, chocalho de cabaça. And we're constantly working on new and exciting instruments. You are always welcome to come and check out what's new for yourself.