The Agogo (the Yoruba word for “bell”) is a traditional West African instrument may be the oldest samba & Capoeira music instrument.
Agogó is a percussion as well as a melodic instrument. The Agogo was further developed in Latin America and is played mainly in Brazil. It consists of 2 Natural bells that one hits with a wooden or metal stick, producing different pitches. The Agogo has the highest pitch of any bateria instrument. There is also a metal industrialized version, but we create & sell only the handmade natural version.

Our artist-craftsman “Spidy” creating the Agogo by hand. We create every instrument with care and it contains 2 castanhas. The artist creating the castanhas out of cleaned hollow coconut nuts.

Each bell has a different pitch – one is a higher tone, the other a lower.

Each piece is unique and hand-made. This means the sound of each piece has slight differences from one instrument to another. But nevertheless, all of them looks and sounds beautiful!