Quad caxixi


Quad caxixi is a unique and beautiful shaker. It looks beautiful and has a clean and strong sound. It’s like shaking 4 caxixis altogether. Order yours now!




Do you like special caxixis? Well, this one is really unique.

Caxixi is the shaker used to play with the berimbau. We have a variety of sizes and shapes. But, this quad caxixi is something else. It is an instrument by it own right. It looks beautiful and has a clean strong sound. Imagine playing four caxixis altogether… It has to be noisy!


Clean & natural. You get the Caxixi with no coating on it. You just must love this natural look.

What do you get in the package?

  1. Quad Caxixi (shaker)

We also offer a complete berimbau set for the berimbau player. You can get the baqueta, a caxixi (medium size), arame and pedra. All in one set.

Important notices:

    • We are not responsible for any tax payment you need to pay in your country when receiving the product. Please check it before buying.
    • WARNING: Non-contractual photos. Every manufactured instrument is unique! However, we guarantee you an impeccable quality with a visual aspect as close as possible to the pictures.







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