Berimbau set


High quality, hand-made Berimbau set. You can get the natural, clean & the custom painted one.
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We offer a complete berimbau set for the berimbau player. You get the baqueta, a caxixi (medium size), arame and a pedra. All in one set.

This berimbau set provides all the needs of the berimbau player.

Who of us didn’t had our Pedra (stone) fall and break, baqueta broken or something happened to the Caxixi. Or maybe you just want to get new tools for your favorite berimbau.
All our tools are hand-made from local Israeli materials and the Baqueta and the Caxixi are covered in lacquer for extra protection.


Our Baquetas are made of olive tree. Original Israeli tree. Strong and durable.


Our arame is a brand new one! We don’t pull it out of a car tires. This gives it a clean sound and also not less important clean & beautiful look.


Our Caxixi is hand-made. Spidy created each one of them with love and great dedication. This set has the medium size caxixi. If you want a big caxixi, please send us an e-mail to


Our Pedra stones are original Mediterranean sea stones. Simple & handy.

We allow our customers to choose from this options:

  1. Regular set. You get the full set with the baqueta and the caxixi will be coated in lacquer for protection.
  2. Clean & natural set. If you would like to get the tools with no coating on it because you want to custom-paint it yourself or you just love the natural look. We can make it happen.
  3. Painted set. After you order it please send us an e-mail to with the reference of the requested colors or even a picture of your berimbau, so we could match the colors to it. If you’ll not send us the e-mail in 2 days from the time of the order we will paint the set as we see fit in any random colors.

What do you get in the package?

  1. Baqueta (wooden stick)
  2. Medium size Caxixi (Shaker)
  3. Arame (String)
  4. Pedra (stone)

Important notices:

    • We are not responsible for any tax payment you need to pay in your country when receiving the product. Please check it before buying.
    • WARNING: Non-contractual photos. Every manufactured instrument is unique! However, we guarantee you an impeccable quality with a visual aspect as close as possible to the pictures.
    • Please make sure to keep the Pedra (stone) safe and don’t drop it. Otherwise, it might just break.






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Natural, Clean, Painted


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