Amplified Cabaça (Berimbau)


High quality hand-made amplified cabaça with a varnished finish. Let everyone hear you!



NEW & EXCLUSIVE to! High quality hand-made amplified cabaça with a varnished finish.

The berimbau is a single-string percussion instrument, a musical bow. Originally from Africa, it was eventually incorporated into the practice of the Afro-Brazilian martial art capoeira. The berimbau (the soul of capoeira) leads the capoeiristas movement in the roda. The faster it is playing the faster the capoeiristas are moving in the game.

The berimbau consists of a wooden bow (called verga). We use a unique tree that grows in Israel. It has good flexibility, as well as lighter weight than the traditional Brazilian biriba wood, but has the same quality sound. This makes our products lighter and so easier and more comfortable to play for a longer period of time.

On the verga, there is a steel-string (Arame). And then the most important part of the berimbau is the cabaça (gourd-like fruit). We open, dry and clean it from the inside. We secure it to the lower portion of the berimbau, and it is used to amplify and resonate the sound.

But here comes the big innovation!

We took a real & natural cabaça and made it an amplified cabaça. Now you can attach one of our special amplified cabaças on your own verga, connect it to a sound system, and let everyone surrounding you be amazed and hear your berimbau on the loudspeakers. Or you can just connect it to headphones, and enjoy it yourself.

Our amplified cabaça uses one pickup to convert the vibration of the sound in the cabaça into electrical signals. These signals are sent through the cable which connects to the output jack. And in addition, the cabaça is equipped with a volume control knob.

Each piece is unique and hand-made. This means the sound of each piece has slight differences from one instrument to another. But nevertheless, all of them looks and sounds beautiful!

It’s really that easy! Just connect your amplified cabaça to the sound system, and play it as a regular berimbau!


There are 3 different sizes for the cabaça:

  1. Gunga: lowest tone
  2. Médio: medium tone
  3. Viola: highest tone

Amplified cabaça sizes (Gunga, Medio & Viola)

Color options:

There are 5 different coloring options for the amplified cabaça you can choose from:

  1. Red lacquer – varnished finish.
  2. All black with capoeira characters – varnished finish.
  3. All white with capoeira characters – varnished finish.
  4. Black with white capoeira characters – varnished finish.
  5. White with black capoeira characters – varnished finish.

What do you get in the package?

  1. An amplified cabaça.

Important notices:

  • No wires are included in the package.
  • We are not responsible for any tax payment you need to pay in your country when receiving the product. Please check it before buying.
  • WARNING: Non-contractual photos. Every manufactured instrument is unique! However, we guarantee you an impeccable quality with a visual aspect as close as possible to the pictures.
  • The cabaça is fragile. So please make sure to keep it safe and don’t drop it or drop anything on it.
  • When the berimbau isn’t in use, it is advised to release the arame.

Additional information

Cabaça size

Viola, Médio, Gunga

Coloring options

Red lacquer, All black with characters, All white with characters, Black with white characters, White with black characters


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